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A global ministry with a vision of taking God’s
divine presence to the nations of the world and to
demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit.
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Welcome to Christ Embassy Birmingham

Christ Embassy Birmingham is more than a church.When you worship with us, you learn more than just the letters; it’s the spirit of the word. The Spirit of God gets a hold of your life, and then His vision becomes real, not only to you, but He makes that vision real in such a way that others get to know what the word of God really is by watching the word of God manifested in your life every day. We share God's word everyday. As we minister the word of God takes root in each person and then you become exactly what God wants you to be. That is the reason we like people to come to Christ Embassy, that’s the reason we invite people because you are being a part of something that is more than a church, it’s a vision, God’s Vision.

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